“The importance of family time, family Bible study, relationships, discipline, and ‘tending the heart’ has made a positive impact in our home. The most important things we have learned is how to fully surrender our children to the Lord and the guiding of the Holy Spirit in our parenting…”
The Popiels

“Overflowing thankfulness – that’s what is in our hearts. Thank you for sharing your wealth of wisdom in many ways. It has been a joy to be involved in the current parenting class. We are reminded of God’s faithfulness to be with us and help us through the good and the bad.”
The Hiis

“Your insights and knowledge of parentdom are invaluable, and we so appreciate your willingness to pour into us as we begin our parenting journey. We have learned a lot from your stories. Thank you for teaching us how to be Godly parents for our children.”
The Heaths

“Patricia, you are such an encourager, and Elita has greatly valued your several words to her. Two examples are when we speak to our children to speak life and also that just as God is a God of order, so our home is to have order. Keith, I’ve seen when you’re real with whomever you’re speaking with, that you’re able to relate to them the Father’s views on the issue. Awesome!”
The Friesens