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RELATIONSHIPS: Boys and girls, birds and bees

We recently received this question from one of our readers. It’s a good question and we pass it on to you. Feel free to weigh in with your own comments.

I’m seeing that my husband and I need to formulate a position on preteen/teen physical interaction, specifically kissing, hand-holding etc. Instances are creeping up when my kids are being exposed to examples of this; and I find myself being silent because I have no clear plan. I’ve noticed that parenting goes better when I can set clear boundaries before troubles begin brewing, instead of doing damage control later.

What is your position on this issue? How is it enforced? (more…)

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INTEGRITY: God shows up at the spelling bee!

A few years ago, a popular T-shirt theme emerged everywhere:




Having turned its back on so much of its foundations, our culture had begun to make cool statements instead of true statements. I wondered as I read the slogans, “Do they really know what LIFE IS?”

Knowing the depth of God’s love as LIFE, I wanted to say to all the T-shirt wearers I would see, “You don’t really know what life is!”

What is LIFE? (more…)

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God gave the children of Israel choices. One choice brought blessing; the other brought trouble. Right choices were a lifestyle that caused the blessing of God to overtake them. God explained to them up front that choices are loaded . . . with consequences.

Deuteronomy 30: 19 This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

Helping our children see the result of their choices is critical. Train, explain, demonstrate; let them feel the results of their choices. That is how they learn. (more…)

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SPIRIT TRAINING: The Thread of Life

Randa Reaves was probably only nineteen years old, but she helped us become better parents. Randa was working as the receptionist/secretary at the church. Bright, friendly, competent, Randa had a relationship with the Lord that was evident. One day, Keith asked her this question: What did your parents do that caused you to follow Jesus?

After thinking a minute, she said something both simple and profound. “My dad read the Bible to us each morning before breakfast. However busy we were, however rushed, we took time to read God’s word.”

A simple routine profoundly affected Randa. (more…)

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LONG-RANGE VISION: Work and the extra effort

Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for Isaac. He wanted a wife from his own people because of shared values; he wanted the same kind of person for his son that he had found in Sarah. He sent his most trusted servant to get the job done. The servant prayed to the God of Abraham and asked for success on his journey. As he prayed, he laid out a plan to find the right kind of person for his master’s son. The story is told in Genesis 24. Make sure that you read it yourself; insights abound in this story.

The servant prayed for a woman that would demonstrate an attitude of service that would be unselfish, willing, and beyond the expected. In short, he prayed that she would get water for him but that she would voluntarily get water for his camels also. Can you picture this in your mind? How much water do camels drink? (more…)

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