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The Wonder of Taste

Think about the incredible delight of biting into a cold, squishy grape and experiencing the wet sweetness that fills your mouth…or what about the startling sour first bite of a Sour Patch Kid candy that morphs into chewy sweetness….or the multiplicity of flavors that we graze through on Thanksgiving Day? Using our senses to taste is a wonder, an aspect of pleasure, and another characteristic of experiencing beauty. 

The goal of exploring the everyday beauty, wonder, and pleasure that God created is this: It is a way to build an infrastructure that can hold the awesome idea of the great miracle of intimacy (when we get to it). Appreciating the beauty and wonder of our bodies is a foundational concept for children to grasp. Having laid this as a base, it will serve as a bridge. Children will be able to expand the discussed ideas to make room for the beauty and wonder of it when they are presented with “The Talk” at the age of eight.


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“The Talk”: #2 Beauty through music

Preparing children to hear “The Talk” when they are eight-years-old  actually begins when they’re about three.  (more…)

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It’s a Tightrope Walk!


Stopping by at a house where we had lived for several years, I am always flooded with memories. Even driving on the driveway– it’s so familiar. I remember the rush of doing life with 6 kids– (more…)

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If by “hitting”, you mean slap, punch, wallop or anything like that, then you come up with the “yes” answer. You might also pull hair, gouge, pinch and more. Things like these are portrayed as barbaric and abusive, and they should be. Is there a better way? (more…)

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A Lesson in Kindness and Laughter!

In one of our DVD parenting sessions, we discuss regular but brief teaching times. These are times when there is no crisis but you teach your children about right and wrong, life and character.

As a result, Deborah Fulgham shared this recent episode from her household. (more…)

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