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Relationships: Valuing the individual

Patrick loved to scare the beejeevies out of the younger siblings. He would just hide around a corner, wait until they came unsuspectingly near, and then he would jump out yelling and screaming, arms waving, tongue flapping. If he could intensify the effect with a costume of some kind, he liked that even better. What fun! For Patrick. But we saw our little ones becoming scared in our own home. (more…)

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Relationships: Be intentional

I came from a family where relationships seemed to come easily. Dad was fun, a prankster, a storyteller, one who loved family and people. He was a crowd pleaser and loved to make people laugh. Sometimes Mom would be the object of his teasing. Mom would be hurt; but she was also understanding, big-hearted, and forgiving. Things looked easy because Mom made it look easy, even though I am sure that there were times when it was very difficult.

I grew up thinking teasing, joking, and pranking were part of life, part of relationship. It was one way I related to my brother and sister as we grew up.

Patricia‘s story was different. (more…)

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RELATIONSHIP (Interacting in family/community)

Richard Mouw tells of a man from New Jersey in the South for the first time. He noticed that several menu items included grits, so he asked the waitress, “Miss, what is a grit?” She replied, “Honey, they don’t come by themselves.”

In a sense, Christians are like grits. We don’t come by ourselves, we come in relationships. (more…)

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Patricia is teaching our kids to drink! (more…)

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DISCIPLINE: Expect Respect! (#6 out of 8 great tips)

“The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children.” (Edward, Duke of Windsor, Look, 5 March 1957). If Edward thought that in 1957, I wonder what he would think if he visited America today. Children rule; adults obey. It is a world upside down. Isaiah (3:4) announces a coming curse upon Judah by saying, “mere children will govern them.”

God’s ancient wisdom is completely different. (more…)

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