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RELATIONSHIP: Glorious kids

Are kids cute?
Or are they glorious?
Puppies are cute, kittens are cute.
Children are glorious.
They are made in God’s image.

Last week, Patricia and I were in the dentist’s office. A mom was there with two small kids. Apparently, she did not know what to do with them, because she picked up a magazine and read, ignoring them. They explored the room, interrupting her reading occasionally. They were left alone even when with their mom.

No directions, no corrections.
On their own. All alone. Mom was “gone.” (more…)
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RELATIONSHIP: We are raising children, not flowers!

I remember reading a story about a dad who had a green thumb; you know, one of those guys who can grow anything in his garden, making it beautiful. He took great pride in his gift and he should have. He also had a loving wife who appreciated his gift and a ten-year-old son who was . . . well . . . a ten-year-old son.

On this particular Saturday, the dad was passing on his gift to his son on how to care for the yard. We call it mowing the grass. (more…)

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The Magic of the Family Meal

This week we’re going to share highlights of an article with you. This article, The Magic of the Family Meal, was originally in TIME Magazine, June 4, 2006. The full text can be found here:

What an important time of day….sharing a meal together as a family. A time of connecting, of touching one another’s lives. Some of our most treasured times are around the table. Like Randy Strom says…  “If you really want to get to know us, eat a meal with us.” (more…)

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RELATIONSHIPS: Living out sacrificial love

1 John 3:16

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.

And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.

Let’s face it:

Raising children may limit your social activities.

It will require going against the popular culture.

It may affect your bank account.

It will cut into your time tremendously.

It may limit your material possessions.

It may limit your ability to pursue some of your dreams. (more…)

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RELATIONSHIPS: Resolve conflicts now, today, asap!!!

“Are we clear?”

We learned to ask this question of one another early in our marriage. We were checking to see if there were any hurts or offenses that conflicted our relationship. I admit it; I was a clueless oaf when it came to relating to a woman. I was selfish; I did not mean to be, but I was. I just didn’t get it. I would offend and never know it. This relationship question moved our marriage a giant step forward, because we agreed to ask it every day.

Even today, I am something of an oaf, but I am a nicer oaf. (more…)

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