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Focus On the Twenty Feet

Dad giving a push

Timmy was learning to ride a bike without training wheels. This was his first attempt to ride without their aid. He had learned to start and stop while the wheels kept him from tipping over; but the day had arrived when his sense of balance had to get in gear.

So his dad got out the tools, and Timmy helped him take off the training wheels. Excitement was building. Then they pushed the bike to the driveway and dad was coaching Timmy for his first “solo” ride.

Timmy’s mom came out to watch. Timmy had asked her to see him ride on his very own. She was not convinced that he was ready. “Are you sure you can do this?” she asked him. Then she turned to dad, “He won’t get hurt, will he?” (more…)

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God in the Picture

When Danny was almost three, our family car was a ten-year-old, red and black Suburban. On one particular occasion, when it needed repair, we had to borrow a car from my sister-in-law Barbara. We went through the process of moving the car seat and loading the children with all their stuff into her car.

As we were driving away, Danny asked me about it, his little mind taking it all in and processing the changes. “Why are we taking Aunt Barbara’s car?” (more…)

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