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SPIRIT TRAINING: Unwrapping the Christmas Gift

Can you think of any more delightful moments in a child’s life than Christmas? Decorations and trees and lights. Special foods. Gathering of families. The anticipation of Christmas morning. The joyful sounds of laughter, the irrepressible squeals of delight. Sparkling eyes. Bouncing excitement. What is it about Christmas that causes this unmatched display of happiness?

Gifts. No, not just gifts. Christmas gifts!

Christmas gifts are mysteries—wrapped up mysteries. Those mysteries often are placed under a tree where they tantalize the imaginations of those who hope to open them on Christmas morn. The giving and receiving of gifts is enhanced by this mysterious element of seeing but not knowing. (more…)

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RELATIONSHIP: A Trail of Tears…..and Laughter

Dzzt, dzzzt, dzzzt……Multiply that sound by about one million….it’s a symphony, no, symphony is too nice a word….. a cacophony of complex critters. Busily buzzing with excitement, a million mosquitoes delighted that tonight’s dinner had been delivered. That night’s dinner was US.

It was the first night of a three week camping trip. (more…)

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COMMUNICATION: Special Events (Holidays)

Our society has commercialized and consequently trivialized our holidays. Thanksgiving has become “turkey day” and “Merry Christmas” has become “Happy Holidays.”

How do we overcome this in our own homes?

We begin by asking, “What is the purpose of holidays?” A holi-day is a holy day. Holy means “set apart;” that simply means that it is a “set apart” day, especially set apart for God.

In our country, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are true “holy days.” Other holidays like the Fourth of July can also fit the description when we observe the history of the founders of our country.

We moan and groan because our society seems to be moving quickly away from the real meaning of these holidays and remaking them in its own image. More disturbing: Christian families are not taking the time to explore these holidays and chart a different course. To chart a different course is not difficult, but it will take a little preparation. (more…)

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