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LONG-RANGE VISION: Leading your teens

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a group of teachers from Central America. We were discussing their high school students and tried to answer this question: Are teenagers children or adults? Lively discussion back and forth produced no real conclusion. Several felt strongly on each side of the issue.

Then we changed the question: If we asked the teens the same thing—Are you adults or children—what would they answer. Amazingly, we found solidarity in that everyone thought the teens would say that they are adults. This is at the core of many of our difficulties with our teens. We treat them like kids but we expect them to act like adults. They feel like adults but they often still act like kids.

So how do we begin to bring the two worlds together? (more…)

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RELATIONSHIP: Eliminate the Rambo mindset

Our teens might come home with contraband in their backpacks: cigarettes, porn, or pot. It doesn’t matter what the contraband is. We are shocked, then livid, then disappointed, then hurt. Then we have to decide what to do. Normally, we choose to wade in with guns blazing. (more…)

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LONG-RANGE VISION: Sorting teens out

The problem with my teenagers turned out to be me.

As Anna and Patrick reached their teen years, they began this natural, God-ordained transition into adulthood. Their bodies were changing, their emotions deepening, their faces changing. They were thinking their own thoughts and questioning ours. Everything about them was in process.

Except me. (more…)

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RELATIONSHIPS: Boys and girls, birds and bees

We recently received this question from one of our readers. It’s a good question and we pass it on to you. Feel free to weigh in with your own comments.

I’m seeing that my husband and I need to formulate a position on preteen/teen physical interaction, specifically kissing, hand-holding etc. Instances are creeping up when my kids are being exposed to examples of this; and I find myself being silent because I have no clear plan. I’ve noticed that parenting goes better when I can set clear boundaries before troubles begin brewing, instead of doing damage control later.

What is your position on this issue? How is it enforced? (more…)

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INTEGRITY: God shows up at the spelling bee!

A few years ago, a popular T-shirt theme emerged everywhere:




Having turned its back on so much of its foundations, our culture had begun to make cool statements instead of true statements. I wondered as I read the slogans, “Do they really know what LIFE IS?”

Knowing the depth of God’s love as LIFE, I wanted to say to all the T-shirt wearers I would see, “You don’t really know what life is!”

What is LIFE? (more…)

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