“I bow my knees before the Father from whom every family derives its name that He would grant according to His Spirit in the inner man that Christ would dwell in your hearts by faith.” Ephesians 3:14-15

We truly believe that family is God’s idea and that it reflects his nature as well as anything on earth. We also know that there are many families that become trapped in patterns that hurt one another and they don’t know how to heal the wounds. We help young parents nail down the basics so that new patterns can be established and new results can be experienced. We help parents create the families that they really desire. To do this they will have to do what we did: let go of our default systems that we grew up with and learn God’s ways.

We do that by showing you how to implement in your home the kinds of things that we have tried in our home. Our six kids would certainly not say that we are perfect, but they would say that we have created a home where we learn to live joyfully together despite our imperfections.

We learned through three main sources:

1. The Bible – no other book has such healing perspective and solid wisdom that fits any generation. It is an earthy book with timeless wisdom of how the mature can pass on truth to the immature. The Holy Spirit who inspired it is also its best interpreter.

2. Our Friends – we have great friends who have shared life with us over the past thirty years. Their wisdom helped us and their examples served as models for us. We will be eternally grateful. Many of them have become friends with our children, too.

3. Books – we are readers and teachers. For all of our adult lives, we have invested time and energy into taking what is in books, learning it, and passing it on to others. We carried this skill into raising our six kids. Along the way we have loved seeing others take these truths and implement them in their families.


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