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ParentWisdom equips parents with the necessary tools to build strong foundations for raising kids. Founded by Keith and Patricia Currie, parents of 6 and strong believers in Christ.

Patricia and I met on a blind date. I was 28 and she was 27. The first thing I said to her was a corny joke. She didn’t laugh, but she did come on the date, anyway. We went bowling with her friend Nita and her date Phil. From the beginning Trish and I talked about real stuff that really mattered. Bowling interrupted our conversation more than once. Phil and Nita kept saying, “It’s your turn, Keith.”
We were both educators and we talked about that. We were both Christians who had faced some difficulties along the way; we talked about that. But mostly, we talked about where we were going, what we desired to be and to do. It seemed that we were going in the same direction, and that was most important to us.
Eight months later we married. It had all been like a storybook romance to us. I sang the proposal to her; she said a starry-eyed “Yes.” We married around Christmas with a small brass orchestra and family and friends. It snowed while we were on our honeymoon. Romance was in the air.
When we returned home, we began to learn to live together. She discovered that I could be very insensitive. Once she gave me a romantic card; I read it and dropped it in the trash right in front of her. I discovered that she was a hot-tempered Palestinian princess. (I knew her dad was Palestinian; it didn’t occur to me that she might be, too.)  In spite of these issues and others that popped up along the way, we have weathered many storms and parented six fun and adventurous children along the way.

Anna, 29, is our oldest. Accomplished, energetic, intelligent, bi-lingual, she has lived six years in Costa Rica, and resides once again in the U.S. She serves in a non-profit organization that focuses on mentoring and educating youth while supporting their family connections (Boy With a Ball Global). She has never been sleepy in her life.

Patrick, 28, is married to Melody; and they have a young son Joren. Patrick is the executive director of Boy With a Ball, San Antonio. He leads the local outreach in mentoring high school students as well as leading volunteers in tutoring endeavors. Patrick reminds me of my dad; he never meets a stranger.

William, 25, is married to Maria. Their daughter is Zara. Will works with Rackspace in San Antonio and also volunteers with Boy With a Ball. He and Maria eventually plan to move to Mexico. Will keeps us all laughing with his off-the-wall humor.

Judith, 23, graduated with her nursing degree and holds licenses in both Alabama and Texas. She enjoys the adventurous side of nursing like ER or ICU. Judith is the sweetheart of the family, everybody’s friend, caring for all. She’ll be a great nurse.

Jean-Luc, 20, is a second-class midshipman at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He is studying engineering, learning Arabic, and developing as a leader. Jean-Luc makes plans and takes charge, but not of his brothers and sisters.

Dan, 18, is in his first year of college, studying consistently, and narrowing down his choices for a major. Dan is being stretched to develop new friendships and get out of his comfort zone, yet maintain those values that are part of his foundation.

We are very proud of them all.

While our children were young, Trish stayed home and poured herself into them. Those were difficult days financially, but today we see six very happy, adjusted young adults. They are her legacy because of her vision for them and for what they could become.
Now we all look forward to those times that we can be together and enjoy one another. We wouldn’t trade that for all the money in the world.
We are excited to be able to share with you some of our journey and some of our insights that we have learned along the way. We trust that you will become part of our extended Currie family.
Keith and Trish