Discipline: The stern look

It was Sunday night in church. As usual a knot of youth were sitting together about half way back on the left. Six rows up, on the second pew sat our pastor’s little wife. She was the model pastor’s wife, sweet, business like, serious yet caring. While her husband was preaching, somebody made a noise that attracted her notice. She turned and looked at all of us. Her eyes were like a searchlight, her brow knit, her lips tight; the effect almost magical. That little group of youth were transformed into intense listeners for the rest of that meeting and she did it with a look. (more…)

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Mike and I had been posted for ambush along the route where the enemy trucks made deliveries. Our mission: to disrupt supply lines. Our success rate: zero. Our inadequate firearms simply could not stop the heavy trucks as they came rolling through, sometimes right between us. On this particular day, we unloaded our entire clips to no effect.

The truth is that we were twelve years old, our guns were sticks carefully chosen to look as much like rifles as we could manage, our enemies were dump trucks running along Perkins Lane. But it was great fun: imaginative, creative, and OVER. Along came my dad, (more…)

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Our two oldest sons Patrick and Will were partners in crime at a young age. I couldn’t deny it; the evidence was right there in front of me. What had I done wrong? How could this be? Had we failed them as parents?

Shoplifters! Not just one item but 50 to 75 of the same thing. (more…)

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SPIRIT TRAINING: Connecting to the Community

Bustling around to get every task complete really was a way of life, especially when company was coming! Life with our six children was full of activity—eventful, engaging, and exuberant! But on this particular morning, my “to do” list looked like it was going to win over my “got done” list! I was preparing our home, cleaning and cooking, for we were to have the great delight of having to dinner a missionary couple, Rob and Deborah Knight.

One way that we connected our kids not only to the community but to God’s purpose, is that each one had a missionary that was his own. Praying, saving change, learning about that country, each one had a vested interest in one particular thing God was doing. Whenever possible we would connect with that individual or family to build a friendship, a relationship.

So here I was…about 10:00 in the morning getting ready to wash the floor. Of course I hadn’t showered yet because I was scrubbing and cleaning….no make up, old clothes. Furniture moved out…check…mop and bucket….check. Unexpectedly, the doorbell rang. (more…)

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SPIRITUAL TRAINING: The Intentional Example

Patricia wrapped the baby up in blankets; and with her purse over one arm, her daytimer in her hand, she carried the baby to the car and put little Will into his car seat. Then she came back inside to get Anna and Patrick. Anna had her doll wrapped in blankets, her purse over her arm, and her little “daytimer” in her hand. (more…)

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