It’s a Tightrope Walk!


Stopping by at a house where we had lived for several years, I am always flooded with memories. Even driving on the driveway– it’s so familiar. I remember the rush of doing life with 6 kids– so many sporting events, activities, and friends in and out of our lives. Located on three wooded acres, it was a good place to raise children.

What’s the take away on this? The mindset now with Millennials raising children is that it’s all done together. An African proverb says  that it takes a village. In some ways that is true; however, there have to be times where we can pull away and live life — being a little bit separated. It helps to bring clarity and identity, to say “What am I doing, what am I producing, where are we going?” The momentum of society influences us as parents more than we realize. “…in the world, not of the world” is a challenge — it’s the tightrope walk– in, but not taking on the ways and thoughts and perspectives.

Effective families keep the balance.

Happy parenting!