Four Ways That Dad Can Build the Home

In one of our recent parenting classes, Patricia was talking about how a woman can build her home. A dad raised his hand and asked, “How can a dad build his home?”


Here are four important things that Dad can do to build the home.

  1. On the way home, take off your work hat and put on your daddy hat. As men we have  to make a mental shift on the way home. It is harmful to bring our work worries into our living rooms. Whatever it takes for you to shift gears from work to home, do it. You and your family will be glad you did.
  2. Love your wife. You can give your kids no greater gift than loving their mother. When you first arrive home, make her your priority for a short period of time: 5-15 minutes. Kiss her, listen to her for five minutes. It will be the best-spent five minutes of your day.
  3. Back up your wife. Your kids need to see that mom and dad are a united front. It’s not that you may never disagree; it is just that you don’t disagree in front of the kids. If her discipline was not effective, back her up. Make sure that the kids know that obeying mommy is like obeying daddy. No excuses. In most cases, when the kids obey dad but not mom, it means that dad has a growing ego but a shrinking heart.
  4. Get low. Kids play in the floor often. Dads do well when they join them there. Play their games in their spaces. You will be dad of the year.