A Lesson in Kindness and Laughter!

In one of our DVD parenting sessions, we discuss regular but brief teaching times. These are times when there is no crisis but you teach your children about right and wrong, life and character.

As a result, Deborah Fulgham shared this recent episode from her household. She had read a short narrative to her children about kindness. In this story two children learned to share their grapes with one another. One child took two grapes and gave them to his friend. Then the friend later shared his grapes with the first child. Not a long lesson but an effective one. Here’s what happened later.

Elias and Lillian had been playing in another room when Deborah heard a commotion and crying. Immediately she investigated. Elias had taken a card away from Lillian saying, “This is mine!”

Lillian was upset.

Deborah called his name, “Elias!” He looked at her sheepishly and in his 3 year old way confessed, “I was not being kind.” In that moment, she was so glad that they had taken time to read that story together. He had understood.

So she responded to him, “No, you weren’t. What should you do to be kind?”

He answered, “Share my grapes.”