Month: May 2013

A Lesson in Kindness and Laughter!

In one of our DVD parenting sessions, we discuss regular but brief teaching times. These are times when there is no crisis but you teach your children about right and wrong, life and character.

As a result, Deborah Fulgham shared this recent episode from her household. (more…)

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Mother’s Day Poem

A Beautiful Life

by Keith W. Currie

Mother’s Day, 2013


A beautiful life of nurture and care

Is lived out by mothers everywhere;

For they reflect God, His goodness and grace.

How often He’s seen in a young mother’s face.


A beautiful life that lays down her own

Is the mother who makes her dwelling a home,

A place where there’s comfort and love all around.

To raise up her child, she lays her life down.


A beautiful life, this mother of joy,

Who trains up her son, her mischievous boy,

And guides him to Father, while dreading the day

Her boys becomes man and must move away.


A beautiful life, this dutiful mom

Who raises her daughter with poise and aplomb,

Who sows seeds of love and self sacrifice

So her daughter will live a beautiful life.


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