Month: July 2012

Focus On the Twenty Feet

Dad giving a push

Timmy was learning to ride a bike without training wheels. This was his first attempt to ride without their aid. He had learned to start and stop while the wheels kept him from tipping over; but the day had arrived when his sense of balance had to get in gear.

So his dad got out the tools, and Timmy helped him take off the training wheels. Excitement was building. Then they pushed the bike to the driveway and dad was coaching Timmy for his first “solo” ride.

Timmy’s mom came out to watch. Timmy had asked her to see him ride on his very own. She was not convinced that he was ready. “Are you sure you can do this?” she asked him. Then she turned to dad, “He won’t get hurt, will he?” (more…)

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Kids Have Personalities Too!

Velocity Cross-Age Mentoring
Velocity mentoring: Patrick is the tall guy in the back

“Hey, Patch, are those clothes finished?”

“…working on it, Mom.”

30 minutes later…

“How’s it going, son?”

“I’m doing it…”

30 minutes later…

“Hey, as soon as you finish you can go ride your bike with Anna!”

“OK, Mom, I’m folding….”

It always amazed me that certain children doing  a “simple” household chore, folding clothes, could take SO long, and still never really be completely finished!  Even after he thought it was done, random clothing and isolated socks still littered the folding space. I could have it done in 10 minutes–completely folded and put away!

Are there answers to these puzzling little people mysteries as we raise our children? (more…)

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Spider Women at Midnight

We just concluded our 35th Yarbrough family reunion at Fall Creek Falls Tennessee. My mom, her two sisters and her brother were all there, average age 87. The next generation consisting of all of their children were also present except one. Pretty amazing! Then the younger generations were there hiking, eating, laughing, and enjoying the mountain top in spite of the summer heat. Past, present, and future were all discussed with gusto.

In addition, an unrelated granddaddy made an appearance. Granddaddy long-leg spiders showed up in excess. These granddaddies were quite numerous and ever-present especially outside the cabins. We consoled ourselves that they were harmless; (more…)

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