Bad dream, clear direction!

One of the hardest things I ever had to do was to break up with my boyfriend of six years.  When I was 20 years and met the Lord, it became apparent that we were going in two different directions. The years that followed were filled with an intense cleaning out, restoring and learning — the Holy Spirit was getting rid of baggage, really , [but that is a story all by itself!]. and my focus was not on dating, but growing, hearing God, valuing relationships.

That’s why, seven years later when I met Keith, I was absorbed in the growth of our relationship. I was finishing my master’s degree and only had 3 classes to take that summer. But I couldn’t concentrate! I told myself not to worry, take the summer off. Take the classes while I was teaching and after we were married. At least that is what I was hoping for.

We had a magical summer romance, a marriage proposal in September, a wedding in December. I was the princess in a story. It was lovely.

Life, relationship, teaching, family, babies, children…..where did the time go?

The completed masters classes never seemed to happen. When we began tp have children, I chose to be home with them-not to teach for the time, but always thinking, “I could be working on one of my master’s classes.”

Four children later, I realized that time was going by and made a determination to go after it. Securing transcripts to reapply to the program, making applications…

Then, one night, I had a dream.

I was in our home.  The den was filled with people, talking, laughing…Keith, my children, a special Aunt…I came into this main room, and as I walked in, I looked down.  At the corner of the room in the foundation, was a large hole.  it was open and went to the bottom of a deep, dark cavernous place [you know how dreams are], and out of that hole were coming the most vile and repulsive creatures and bugs I have ever seen: reptiles and roaches were racing out in large numbers and pouring into the room, crawling over walls, floor, and ceiling!  It was horribly gross!

Shocked and sickened, I stopped at the door, and asked everyone in the room,  “Who is responsible for this?”

end of dream

Very unsettling.  As I prayed and tried to understand it, the Lord spoke to me.

He said, “You are responsible. If you choose to pursue your own way, at this time, it will ruin the foundation of your home.”

I understood. I changed my plans. I put them on hold. I am glad I did. There’s still time to get my master’s degree, but there will never again be time to raise my kids.

Our homes are the foundations of life and joy.  If the mother doesn’t make home a priority, who will? Our homes are nurturing centers where relationships grow.  Home is where the foundations of life are established–truth is discovered, discussed, and passed on. Home is where individuals are valued, appreciated and challenged to grow to their greatest potential. Home is a haven, a refuge from the tide of trouble that life brings our way.

Invest in your home. There are rewards in this life and in the one to come.