God in the Picture

When Danny was almost three, our family car was a ten-year-old, red and black Suburban. On one particular occasion, when it needed repair, we had to borrow a car from my sister-in-law Barbara. We went through the process of moving the car seat and loading the children with all their stuff into her car.

As we were driving away, Danny asked me about it, his little mind taking it all in and processing the changes. “Why are we taking Aunt Barbara’s car?”

I explained that our car needed repair and that she was letting us use her car until ours could be fixed.

“That was a kind thing,” Danny observed. At two years old, he was recognizing goodness and kindness as he saw it lived out by Aunt Barbara. I was grateful that God was teaching him through others. We had talked about being good; we had

discussed on different occasions about being kind. Now God had stepped in and demonstrated his character through Aunt Barbara. The Word became flesh.


God is like that. He is good. His word defines life and goodness and truth. He uses his people to bring it to life. Our children need to hear from us where goodness and kindness come from. God is the Source. He paints them a picture in everyday situations and his people are the brushes. As these opportunities add up, they come to see that the Lord is in the picture with them.

As parents, we input truth into their minds and hearts, into their foundations. Then we watch to see how God will step in and become their teacher. We help them interpret life as situations and circumstances arise. We are workers together with God.