Month: June 2011


Sparks were flying! My twelve-year-old daughter and I were going toe-to-toe, face-to-face, and eye-to-eye. Her fiery retort to my instructions had awakened an anger in me that surprised me.

“You will NOT defy ME, young lady!” I snapped the words out, at the same time angry at her for her defiance and dismayed at myself for my rage.

She met my gaze with her own steadfast, unblinking stare. Anna was one determined, strong-willed child; I was one upset mother; and this was one “nobody’s going to win” situation.

And nobody did. (more…)

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I Can Make the Rules for my Toothbrush

On November 11, 1995, as we were completing the bedtime ritual, three year old Jean-Luc was putting his toothbrush away in the wrong place. When I (Trish) said something to him about it, he said, “It’s my toothbrush, and I can make the rules for it.” (more…)

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Mr. Ho Knows What it Takes

I recently had the opportunity to have a meal with Mike Ho, a Vietnamese immigrant who came to this country when he was 18. He had nothing when he came, just the clothes on his back. Even some of those he had pulled from a bag that was made available to him for the journey. He laughed and said, “I didn’t even have one dime!”

His dream was to get a tent and live under a bridge just to be in America. But God directed his steps differently. Motivated by faith in Christ, a family in Oregon took him in. They helped Mike acclimate to life in the states, they helped him learn English, they introduced him to Jesus Christ. They supported him as he pursued a college education.

He studied engineering. He met Lily, a young Vietnamese woman on a career path. They were married and her job brought them to Mobile. He invested in a local business. His strategy was clear: intelligence and hard work. (more…)

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