Glimpsing the Future

Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, we were able to unpack some book boxes and get some of our “old friends” out on the shelves again. In the process, we uncovered a treasure. Patricia had kept journals for each of our children when they were very young. Opening those pages was like stepping into a time machine, recalling memories long forgotten, laughing at the little everyday things that were so amazing. For a while, unpacking stopped and reading took over.

Concerning Anna, Patricia noted that she was fascinated with language. When she learned a contraction or a new phrase, “she would use it over and over again until it was mastered.” Today, Anna is fluent in Spanish and has also studied French and Arabic.

Concerning Patrick, “when other people entered the room, he would light up and come alive.” As an adult, Patrick has an ability to relate to almost anyone and can gather a crowd for fun or purpose.

In Will’s case, we found an old video, and there he was at two playing with a ball twice his size. As an athlete, he excelled in basketball and was a key contributor toward a state championship.

Looking back, it is marvelous to us to see that they all had early hints of who they have become. God had written into their DNA certain skills and abilities that would have opportunity to flourish and grow. Truly, they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

As parents, it is part of our joy to recognize these tendencies in our children and to help them develop. Sometimes we do it intentionally, but other times quite accidentally. God helps us see these glimpses of the future in our children; it is our opportunity to be working alongside the Father.

As you spend time with your children, watch . . . and pray that you will have eyes to see what God is doing in your children. You can have confidence in this: our Father will do his part.