Month: April 2010

RELATIONSHIP: “Eat your food, son…”

This blog is not ours, not directly. It is Jean-Luc’s. He wrote this not long ago, and I asked him if I could reprint it on our blog. So, from Jean-Luc’s perspective, come sit with us at dinner.

Our dinner table was always a center of laughter, of joy, of stories and songs, of the day’s events, of schedules and commitments, and of discipline and correction. I view our table with deep fondness…it has fostered so much that I see as necessary to my growth. It also fostered memories which I cherish and will re-live when my childhood is far behind me. (more…)

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DISCIPLINE: Why? Relationship!

Why do we discipline?
“They break the rules.”
“They need to be trained.”
“To keep order in the home.”
“To teach obedience.”
All of these answers are true, but there is a deeper reason. (more…)

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RELATIONSHIP: Our First Wedding

Patrick, our oldest son, married Melody Strom this past Sunday afternoon. I was struck with the richness of the event. Of course, the food was good, the ceremony was heart-tugging, the reception celebratory, full of laughter and dancing hearts. Melody was beautiful, and Patrick was a bucket of tears, as was most of his immediate family. If the Curries have a family trait, it is probably that we blubber all over ourselves in our happiest moments. What a way to show happiness!
Every wedding has its own endearing surprises. (more…)

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