INTEGRITY: Guidance From The Father

I met an impressive young couple very recently. Bright, obviously happy with one another and with their two young daughters, they had come to our school to enroll their girls.

As I always do in those initial parent interviews, I asked why they had decided to enroll their girls at CCS. Right away I realized that this couple was motivated by God’s word. They were living Biblically as much as they possibly could. This Biblical mindset was moving them to consider alternatives that might be the best for their children. This is God’s way:

Parents set the course

for the benefit of the children.

These two elements define a Biblical foundation for how a family works. First, parents make the decisions, set the course, and mark the boundaries. Secondly, the goal of the parents is to help their children. Parents consider their welfare, consider their maturity, and are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the children. Malachi 4 says it this way, “turning the hearts of the fathers toward the children.”

I saw these two elements in this young couple. They were making the decisions for the benefit of their daughters and they were willing to sacrifice to do it.

And there’s more.

The dad responded to my question about enrollment with another facet of walking with God. He said something like this: “As I go about my normal life and business, I really don’t think much about their schooling or about changing what we are currently doing. But in my ‘high times’ with God, this place keeps coming to my mind. I realize that it is God speaking to me.”

“In my high times with God.” Here was young man who took God seriously. In those times when he was sensitive to the Holy Spirit, he sensed an impression in a certain direction. And he was listening!

Parents listen to God’s voice.

There’s still more.

He went on to say that they had called the school early in the year inquiring about openings. At that time, there was a spot for one girl but not the other. When he called back at the end of July, there were openings for both girls. He smiled and said, “Then I knew we had to deal with it. God leads in practical ways.”

Parents walk out their faith in everyday life.

Wow! Their foundation was right. Their sensitivity was right. Their practical application was right. The Bible calls that righteousness.

Meeting that young couple challenged me to check those three areas in my own walk with the Lord. Is my foundation Biblical? Am I being sensitive to the Holy Spirit? Am I walking out my faith in a practical way?