Month: August 2008

Communication is the Relationship!

Our fifth child, Jean-Luc is a goal-setting, “get it done NOW” kind of guy. Recognizing that this often hurts relationships, he decided to focus more on building relationships. A friend of our family who seems to have a gift in relationships is Jamie Johnson. So Jean-Luc asked him how to build better relationships. (more…)

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Discipline: To spank or not to spank (Tip #8b)

When you picture a child receiving a spanking, what picture is in your mind? What do you see happening? Many people see abusive words, uncontrolled adult passions, and ineffective results.

In August of 2006, an article was published in Parenting magazine about spanking. It simply stated that between the ages of three and four, 94% of children receive at least one spanking. I was astounded! With all the fuss against spanking in today’s U.S. culture, it seemed to me an unbelievable statistic. But the truth is that almost all of us, at some point, spank our children. (more…)

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