Month: May 2008

Summer Tips: Make a schedule!

Swimming! The beach! Watermelon!! Ice Cream! …What comes to your mind when you realize that summer is upon us? Do you think about lying on a beautiful white sandy beach while sipping your Mint Iced Tea? Or do you think about the endless summer hours filled with active children without anything to do? (more…)

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DISCIPLINE: Expect Respect! (#6 out of 8 great tips)

“The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children.” (Edward, Duke of Windsor, Look, 5 March 1957). If Edward thought that in 1957, I wonder what he would think if he visited America today. Children rule; adults obey. It is a world upside down. Isaiah (3:4) announces a coming curse upon Judah by saying, “mere children will govern them.”

God’s ancient wisdom is completely different. (more…)

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DISCIPLINE: Tantrums are unacceptable! (#5 out of 8 great tips)

William and Patrick, eager helpers at five and eight, were working in the back yard with me. Our goal was to solve a drainage problem. God’s goal was different. Realizing that I needed to dig a shallow trench, I sent the two guys to get my “round-point” shovel. It took longer than I thought it should have. I waited. I waited impatiently. Then they came around the corner dragging my “square-point” shovel. In an instant, I lost my cool. “Don’t you know the difference between round and square?” I asked. (more…)

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