Month: January 2008

SPIRITUAL TRAINING: The Intentional Example

Patricia wrapped the baby up in blankets; and with her purse over one arm, her daytimer in her hand, she carried the baby to the car and put little Will into his car seat. Then she came back inside to get Anna and Patrick. Anna had her doll wrapped in blankets, her purse over her arm, and her little “daytimer” in her hand. (more…)

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SPIRITUAL TRAINING: Teaching your kids to pray

“. . .and God bless Hop-along Cassidy and Topper.” Hop-along Cassidy was an old black and white TV cowboy; Topper was his horse. I was three and my parents were embarrassed. You see, they had invited our pastor to eat dinner with us, and I wanted to say the blessing over the food. Of course, that prayer has become my connection with that pastor even into my adult years. He has never forgotten; years later he chuckled the story to my college friends, much to my lighthearted embarassment. But neither have I forgotten that episode; my parents had encouraged me to pray when I was very young. (more…)

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