Father thinks it; the Son says it; the Spirit brings it to pass. Oneness, unity in the Godhead. We can be confident that God is not going to change the rules on us. He will not contradict himself. He is not impulsive. Jesus showed us exactly what the Father is like; he is the exact representation of the Father’s nature. “I and the Father are one.”

A man shall leave his father and his mother and cling to his wife and the two shall become one flesh. Malachi 2 asks this question: “Why one?” The answer: “To raise up godly offspring.” The oneness of mom and dad are a reflection of the Oneness in Father, Son, and Spirit. It is derived from heaven. The more “one” we are, the more our home will be “heavenly.”

Whatever you call it, this having one voice, being on the same page, sharing the same values and goals and actions. . .This is the most powerful weapon in the parents’ arsenal against Satan’s attempts to hijack our kids. We must not only believe the same things; we must do the same things in regards to our children. And we must back each other up.

Will we always agree? Of course not. But effective parents stand together. When mom and dad are not on the same page with each other, the confusion is multiplied in their child/children. When mom and dad speak with one voice, the message is clear, and it gets through.

Question of the week: How do you and your spouse maintain your oneness or unity? If you have a secret that works for you or helps you, please pass it on. Many husbands and wives are interested in your answer. Many children will benefit from what you share.

Last week’s question: How do you make your quiet time meaningful? What materials have your used that have helped? What method do your use? What plan? Pass your ideas on to others.

Before reading, ask the Lord to speak to you. Read until a thought or phrase stands out to you or seems to fit your life situations. Stop, write it down, and take some time to meditate on that scripture or phrase. Get ready for life changes.

Have a plan. Gene S. says to read two chapters a day in the Bible and you will have read the whole thing in about a year and a half. Many Bibles are organized with built-in reading plans and are available at Christian bookstores. Mike C. used the Daily Walk Bible from Walk Thru the Bible Ministries. He got behind, but plugged through and finished the Bible in about two years.

Here are a few tips that have helped us in our praying. 1) Make a list. 2) Keep up with prayers answered by keeping a prayer journal. 3) Use the psalms as a format for your own prayers; you will remember to pray about things you would not otherwise pray for. 4) Use a prayer book; you will be surprised how it will broaden and enrich your prayers when you read the prayers of our forefathers. 5) Derek Prince said to have a different emphasis each day. Example: Mon/ family, Tues./ work, Wed./ church and leaders, Thurs./ nation and leaders, Fri./ friendships, Sat./ finances, Sun./ yourself.